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Veeshoka Mudwari


Veeshoka's academic and professional journey has been far from linear. From starting in a community college to taking classes beyond her requirements while working multiple jobs, education has been beyond an academic experience for her. Veeshoka has always been driven by curiosity and firmly believe that the essence of human life lies in exploring our curious minds.

Like her academic journey, her professional undertakings also has been a gradual process of inquiry and discovery. She has followed her interest and re-examined it time and again to explore various professional fields. This has lead her to understand not only technical fields such as business, marketing, and finance but also creative fields such as psychology, art, and education.  

Veeshoka understands the yearnings of a curious mind and believe that no social, political, and cultural boundaries should limit anyone from learning. She is looking forward to being involved and supporting Aruna in every way possible.

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