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Aruna invites submissions that uphold, build on, and expand our missions and our commitment to highlighting knowledge producers from and within the Asian Global South. At Aruna, we approach the concept of “Asian Global South” as a positionality rather than a fixed rigid identity based on a nation’s economic development and/or political power. Our blog publishes publicly-engaged submissions that probe the social and humanistic issues faced by the Asian Global South communities, peoples, and spaces.


We welcome works beyond any predetermined sets of boundaries both in medium and in method--disciplinary, academic, literary, fiction, poetry, sound, visual, writing, speaking, performing, and more. Non-traditional and experimental submissions are strongly encouraged. Written pieces will be accompanied with at least one image of the author's choice and non-written pieces such as video, performance, sound, will be accompanied with a brief description of the piece.


We welcome submissions in languages other than English. Currently, our team is able to review submissions in Burmese, Hindi, Khmer, Nepali, Newari, Thai, and Persian. Submissions in languages other than those listed are still welcome and we will work with external reviewers for those submissions. We are also happy to work with you to have your piece translated into English if you would like. 


We recommend a 2000 word limit for the written pieces. Longer pieces may be considered on a case by case basis.

Submission Guidelines:

Please submit a pitch (max one page, double spaced) describing your submission’s main idea AND the contributor’s biography (separate page, max 100 words) to In your pitch, we would like you to reflect on the following questions.

  • How does your piece interact with the concept of “Asian Global South”?

  • What is your personal positionality towards the concept of “Asian Global South”?

  • How does your submission contribute to the public scholarship and innovate the processes of knowledge production?

Publishing Process:

Step 1:

We receive your pitch.

Step 2:

We respond to you with acceptance or rejection of your pitch.

Step 3:

You submit your full submission to our team. We work together with you on edits, feedback, and suggestions. If you would like your piece to be translated into English, we also work with you at this stage.

Step 4:

We add you as a Blog Writer on our website. The date to publish your submission is set together with you. 

Step 5:

You publish your submission on our blog. 

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