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Sara Naderi


Sara Naderi (she/her) received her PhD in sociology from the University of Victoria. She has served as a Faculty member at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and a sessional lecturer at the
University of Victoria. Sara is interested in uncovering the mutual relations between colonization of knowledge productions about those who live on the margins of the modern world and their
self-images, political actions and political imaginations. In doing so, she seeks to decolonize the marginalized lifeworlds and reveal new political imaginations locally and globally.

Considering her subject position as a post-revolutionary Iranian woman, Sara has pursued these inquiries about Iranian women's life experiences in most of her research projects.


Her Ph.D. dissertation connects a result of an original field research into a historical, theoretical and empirical investigation about the question of subalternity and women of the generation of eighties' (zanan-e dahe-ye Shasti) lifeworld. The major result of her dissertation is currently in press to be published as an academic book titled On (De)Colonizing the Subaltern's Eyes: Post-revolutionary Iranian Women's Struggle for Liberation by the University of Toronto. The results of her previous research in Iran have been published in Journal articles, book chapters, and a (persian)book.

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