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Jasmine Baetz

Jasmine Baetz (she/her) is an artist who lives and teaches on the lands of the Tongva people (Claremont, California). 
She builds with clay and “waste” materials, studies monuments, historical memory, and student activism, and is interested in art and thought that interrogates and reimagines the world. As a mixed-race person, she is always untangling the confusion that comes with contested affiliation, and examining her own relationships with whiteness and power. 


Her mother is from an Indian Parsi family, and owing to her mother’s refusal to abide by the racialized and gendered exclusion that condemns women who marry out of the community (and their children), Jasmine was also raised in that cultural and religious context. Mandated ethnic purity in the community is a form and method of white supremacy in an Indian context that transcends its social conditions and impacts diasporic Zoroastrian people across the world. 

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