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How To... is a series intended to assist junior scholars dealing with the many issues that arise in the course of completing degrees and entering both academic and non-academic job markets. While situations can differ greatly, it is our intention to provide spaces to share collective knowledge and generate conversations around these issues. To this end we draw on our own experiences or those of fellow scholars or practitioners to collaboratively produce tips for generalized situations. In some cases, identities of collaborators may be anonymized because of the sensitive nature of the topic or personal preference.

Protest Sign

How research in political crisis (Part I)

This piece on How to…Do Research In Political Crisis is developed from an interview with a young female researcher doing work in the People’s Republic of China.


How to...
transition to UX Research with a Humanities PhD

This piece on How to…transition to UX Research with a Humanities PhD is developed from an interview with a Humanities PhD who transitioned to UX research.


How to...
navigate Islamophobic harassment  in academia

This piece on How to…navigate Islamophobic harassment as a Muslim woman of color scholar in academia is developed from an interview with Dr. Mariam Durrani.

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