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Denise Fernandes


Denise is a PhD candidate in the Environmental Studies (ENVS) Program and a Graduate Part-time Instructor in Program for Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) at University of Colorado Boulder. Her work focuses on energy landscapes and transitions, climate and environmental justice, and the reproduction of inequalities and power hierarchies during energy generations, and its impact on vulnerable and marginalized communities in the Global South.


Denise is currently studying power hierarchies and financialization of the solar transition within capitalism and green imperialism in Morocco and India. Besides the theoretical understandings of energy and climate change, Denise also collaborates with interdisciplinary scholars and artists to visually portray energy politics.

Aside from her academic work, Denise is a grassroots organizer and activist and has worked in development organizations in India in varying capacities. Denise's work in rural India and the interaction with marginalized communities has inspired her to continue asking questions on global environmental change, inequality, and colonization.

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