Cheryl Yin

DSC07536 - Yin.JPG

Cheryl Yin is a linguistic anthropologist finishing her PhD degree at the University of Michigan. As the daughter of Cambodian refugees of Chinese descent, her research and teaching interests all relate to her personal background. Born in the ethnically diverse city of Long Beach, California; growing up in a multilingual household; and witnessing social inequality, Cheryl seeks to understand her own sense of identity as well as the circumstances that have impacted her community.


A first-generation student who is from a minoritized background, Cheryl would like to be a mentor and role model for other underrepresented students, particularly those who are interested in studying their own communities. By empowering students and showing them that they too are knowledge producers, Cheryl hopes more students will pursue their own research interests with the intention that this will eventually diversify academia and academic knowledge.